Why Do I Need A Unified Tow Brake?

Smart Brake Towed Brake Controller

So you have your motor home and the vehicle you are going to tow. You have your tow bar and lights connected. Since your towed vehicle weighs less than your motor home and your Gross Combined Weight Rating is not going to be exceeded, you may ask, 'Why do I even need Supplimental Brakes in my towed vehicle?' The Smart Brake Founder performed a controlled test with a motor home towing a Jeep with a Smart Brake. The results showed that the combination of vehicles stopped in less distance than the motor home alone. Flat towing a vehicle adds four more wheels with brakes to your motor home.

Check out our State Towing Laws page and see if your state or any state you will be traveling through has regulations requiring towed vehicle brakes or a towed vehicle break away system. What happens if your tow bar has a failure? How will your towed vehicle come to a stop? The Smart Brake has you covered. Should there be a failure and your towed vehicle become seperated from your motor home, the Smart Brake will apply the brakes and bring your towed vehicle to a stop.

Todays society is a litigious one. If there were an at fault accident with an injury, the first thing a good Attorney will point out is your lack of a supplimental braking system in your towed vehicle. What will you tell the Judge when asked why you dont have one?


How Does The Smart Brake Work?

Smart Brake Progressive Brake Cable Pulling On Brake Pedal

It has happened to all of us. Your engine stalls and when you push on the brake pedal you get almost nothing. Tests performed by Smart Brake's founder have determined that the brake booster on your running car provides 34 times more braking force than the operator is applying to the brake pedal. What does all of this mean to you? The Smart Brake system comes with a 12 volt vacuum pump that mounts in the engine compartment of the towed vehicle. Each time the Smart Brake is activated during a braking event, the vacuum that is stored in the towed vehicles vacuum booster is used to apply the brakes. The Smart Brake has a vacuum regulator that monitors the vacuum in the booster and automatically comes on for a few seconds to replenish the vacuum, just as if you had left the engine running. You will be getting four wheel power assisted braking the same as if you were driving the vehicle separately. The Smart Brake Brain box located in engine compartment or under the towed vehicle has a mechanical push/pull cable attached through the floor board which pulls the towed vehicles pedal. The trailer brake controller located in the motorhome is in complete control of the towed vehicles brakes mirroring the braking of the motor home. This allows the towed vehicle to deliver the same powerful braking performance while towing, that you would get while driving the vehicle. The Smart Brake Utilizes the power brakes of both vehicles while stopping . No other product on the market today utilizes the towed vehicle's own power brakes the same as Smart Brake.

Why would you want to go to the hassle of re-installing and re-adjusting EVERY TIME you connect or disconnect your vehicle from the motorhome? The Smart Brake only gets installed ONCE. When it comes time to connect your towed vehicle, just connect your tow bar like you always do and connect the 7-pin umbilical cord and break-a-way cable between the motor home and the towed vehicle. THAT'S IT. There is nothing else to do.

These are vehicle accessories which will make you and other travelers safer on the road.

The Smart Break Break-a-way features comes standard. Safety is NOT an option at Smart Brake.




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